Your impression of the quality and value of our services is very important to us. We respectfully ask for your assistance in evaluating the services we provided, as this will enable us to provide the best possible care to others who turn to us in their time of need.

"How do you make a decision like this?? I wondered the same. After my experience entrusting my father to all-states cremation – trust me, your loved one will be in good hands. I had so many questions. These folks have been doing this for decades and are well versed not just in cremation but in handling the death of a loved one, they file the death certificates with the state promptly and have a high level knowledge of what is needed in the aftermath (paperwork/estate). They are an ethical company that won’t take advantage and you can tell that by the way they organize their company (just ask them). They are so respectful and kind and extremely organized. We worked with Meridee who helped us plan everything and she was beyond wonderful! She spoke to us like a friend and gave us good advice as far as organizing things so it would be less headache later. Meridee treated us like family & checked up on us after the fact and I will never forget that. She followed up promptly and the associates handling other aspects of the cremation were very responsive as well. We had no delays and everything happened on schedule and seamlessly. Even the 2 gentleman who came to the house to pick up my father after he passed, treated him as though he was one of their own family members. Both men were dressed respectfully in suits, gave us time to say goodbye and handled my father with such care as if he was one of their own relatives. I don’t know these 2 gentleman’s names, but I wish I could say thank you again because it meant the world as we said goodbye. As you go through this difficult time, I wish you peace choosing all-states will be one less thing to stress about and they will take excellent care of your loved one and treat your family well."

"My Mom was cremated there. Same with my Daddy. Very professional and empathetic from the time Momma was transported to the time her ashes were received."


"The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and welcoming. They walked us through the process, listened to what we wanted and followed through seamlessly. Doing this kind of thing is never easy or enjoyable but they made it survivable. I hope to never go through this again but if I do, I know where to go."


"I highly recommend them if you have the need. We worked with the Centennial office and we were very pleased with how accommodating and helpful they were."


"Very caring and professional staff! Made a difficult time for me much easier."


"...Our director was unbelievable.  She made this as easy as the first time I came in and was just so kind to me.  Even though I went through this recently, I forgot everything, which I guess is to be expected.  In the end, I walked away feeling at ease and comforted, which is a difficult thing to feel after experiencing a loss.
The lady in the front brought us cookies (delicious) and held my hand as I broke down and cried.  It was embarrassing, but she comforted me like my mom used to. I cannot say enough about this company and their stellar reputation.  I really cannot handle another loss so, I hope this is the last review I write.  I promise you will not regret coming here."